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Nantong Universal Optical Instrument Co.,Ltd. is a Sino-U.S. Joint venture which is a specialized manufacturer of Optical and Electronic products. Our Production facilities are located in Nantong, China, only 2 hours drive from Shanghai.
Nantong Universal built up long term relationship with Branded customers by stressing on fair and happy business.
Vision: To be the best supplier, solution provider and innovative optics business partner in the global Optics market.
Mission: We are striving for excellence by:
-Continuous Product research and development;
-Adopting advance Optics Technology ;
-Professional Team work;
-Providing Customer oriented services;
-Fair and Honest trade deals

Professional Team:
Nantong Universal is organized by over 500 employees including decades of designers, technicians, engineers who had been awarded the ISO9001:2000 U.K. Certificate in 2001.
It ensure the success of our engineering develop.

We provide one-stop service to our customer, including R/D, package design, on-time deliveries and Solution provider.


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